You’ve Arrived Via Twitter…

You’ve arrived at this page from my Twitter Profile.

Perhaps you’re curious about what I do and why I twitter?

My Main Interests

  • The Internet – particularly internet commerce and social networking. I work fulltime online. Amongst other things, I have a portfolio of niche websites and a number of educational websites, notably
  • Politics and current affairs, especially Australian and American politics. I take an interest in politics from anywhere.
  • Media – I’m a news junkie with a keen interest in the state of the offline and online media.
  • Education – I spent 25 years as a secondary school teacher in Australia. I’m interested in all aspects of the education debate, especially teaching pedagogy.

What Do I Do On Twitter?

  • I live blog political and other news events such as elections, major political speeches, ceremonial occasions, press conferences, et al.
  • Every day I tweet links to articles I’m reading in the Australian and overseas media.
  • I tweet links to blog posts and websites relevant to internet marketing and all aspects of the online experience.
  • I engage in conversations about politics, the media, education, the internet, and anything else that takes my fancy.

Who Do I Follow On Twitter?

  • I follow people with similar interests to mine. See above.
  • I look for people with something to say.
  • I follow anyone who engages me in conversation.
  • If you are Australian, I will usually follow you. If you live in Melbourne, I will almost certainly follow you. I may unfollow you later…

Who Will I Not Follow On Twitter?

  • I don’t follow people who spam me with Direct Message offers.
  • I don’t follow people who don’t update regularly.
  • I don’t follow people who devote their twitstream solely to product links.

I Hope This Helps You Decide Whether To Follow Me

We cannot all be interested in everything that everyone else is interested in. You may read this page and decide that you don’t want to follow me. I may make the same decision when I look at your profile page, blog or website. Such is life.

You can click here to read daily digests of my recent Twitter updates.


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  1. The website is in construction. It is obvious that something draws me. An educator, Australian, are two things. I follow news from other parts of the world. Helps me to understand how others see us. I find that our mainstream media is NOT what I thought it was. I may be like an intelligent student that you have to pull bits out, an observer, seeker of knowledge…or not. Best to you Kent

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