Howard Defends Kerr

On the 30th anniversary of the dismissal of the Whitlam Government, the Prime Minister, John Howard, has again defended the actions of the then Governor-General, Sir John Kerr. Listen to the audio of his interview with Jon Faine on ABC 774.

Whitlam Says Kerr Needed Frequent Drying Out

In a new interview on the eve of the 30th anniversary of his 1972 election, Gough Whitlam says he was a better economic manager than Hawke or Keating. Whitlam also says he wouldn’t have appointed Sir John Kerr if he’d know he had a drinking problem.

Buckingham Palace Regrets

In a new television series, Sir William Heseltine, assistant private secretary to the Queen during the constitutional crisis, says Buckingham Palace wasn’t happy with Sir John Kerr’s sacking of the Whitlam government.