House Of Representatives Condolences For Whitlam Conclude

Three hours of condolence speeches for Gough Whitlam in the House of Representatives – 24 members – Oct 28, 2014.

Senate Condolences For Gough Whitlam

Senate Condolences for Gough Whitlam – 344m, 30 speakers – Oct 27, 2014.

House Of Representatives Marks Death Of Gough Whitlam

Video of full condolence motion in the House of Representatives for Gough Whitlam – 164m, 18 speakers – October 21, 2014.

Malcolm Fraser’s Whitlam Oration

Text, audio and video of Malcolm Fraser’s Whitlam Oration, delivered to the Whitlam Institute. The speech focussed on international politics and security in the western Pacific. Also includes brief audio of Whitlam commenting on Fraser and multiculturalism, and John Faulkner on the Whitlam-Fraser relationship. Includes video message from Whitlam.

Parliamentary Tributes To Margaret Whitlam

Audio and Video files of parliamentary tributes to Margaret Whitlam on March 19: Gillard, Abbott, Plibersek, Bishop, Rudd, Turnbull, Faulkner, Payne, Brown, Frydenberg and Griggs. Also includes audio of eulogies from Tony Whitlam and Catherine Dovey at the memorial service held on March 23.