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  • The dead, the lazy and the loud mouths… RT @Ed_Dale: If Only 100 People Were in Twitter – #
  • Another intriguing entanglement at The Australian: – "Resignation sent from journo's computer" #
  • Utegate as told by LOLcats – – RT @cameronreilly via @angesbiz and @mr_billiam #
  • Turnbull commentary 1: The wheels fell off, but Turnbull's still gunning the ute – – Annabel Crabb #
  • Turnbull commentary 2: Turnbull blows his chance to give voters the answer they deserve – – Peter Hartcher #
  • RT @nicodonnell: I thought Annabel Crabb was especially good today. Her insights into Turnbull are developing into a mini-industry for her. #
  • @nicodonnell Yes, she has a quite forensic ability to cut through to the essence. She and Hartcher have got it right today, I think. in reply to nicodonnell #
  • Turnbull commentary 3: Turnbull hurls knife to avert a reckoning – – Phillip Coorey #
  • Turnbull commentary 4: Turnbull's solid case may fail to rescue credibility – – Michelle Grattan #
  • Turnbull commentary 5: Racing to judgment – – Shaun Carney with a sharp take on Turnbull's foolishness. #
  • Grech: How a smoking-gun email went up in flames – – in inverted Watergate! #
  • Turnbull commentary 6: Malcolm's finger pointing isn't fooling anyone – – Dennis Shanahan has really turned on MT. #
  • @RicRaftis They can use their numbers to censure him but no-confidence motions are for use against ministers and governments. in reply to RicRaftis #
  • @RicRaftis Grech wrote a long account to the Auditor-General – – see Appendix 1. in reply to RicRaftis #
  • Turnbull commentary 7: Mark Knight cartoon – #
  • @RicRaftis You'd never get a job with The Australian – they interviewed him from the psychiatric ward. in reply to RicRaftis #
  • John Howard's speech on Politics and the Media, delivered last night, is being shown now on A-PAC and streaming at #
  • Politics in papers 'turns off Aussies' – – dumbing down has been particularly apparent in Victoria [via @fridley] #
  • In Release of Journalists, Both Clintons Had Key Roles: – the old team is back in harness but I don't know about that pic #
  • RT @Colvinius: Today's joke: re the journalists released from N Korea. "More proof that no-one can stop Bill Clinton bringing women home". #
  • Let the Big Dog Run – – the incomparable Maureen Dowd on Bill Clinton, Kim Jong Il and mutual relevance. #
  • To "lose less badly" … RT @australian: LIBERAL MPs are considering replacing Malcolm Turnbull with Andrew Robb – #
  • Turnbull artistry no match for the numbers – – 'Jack the Insider' says it's time for a change in the Liberal leadership. #
  • Kevin Rudd, serial killer – …there are no words… #

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