Twitter Updates

  • RT @annabelcrabb: Sorry about lack of tweets from ALP conf …They were pumping some sort of sedative gas through the place and I succumbed. #
  • RT @annabelcrabb: Will try to do better tomorrow. Taking sturdy mask, a rope and something to keep me awake… #
  • RT @annabelcrabb: …Like the fear of a second Rudd term. Or a third. #
  • Interesting interview with Tony Abbott from @markparton – podcast available from #
  • Kevin Rudd's speech to the ALP National Conference in Sydney today: #
  • Productive lives after politics – – John Warhurst thinks it's a pity MPs turn to lobbying when they leave Parliament. #
  • Best headline in quite a while: – the NT News gets jumping crocs, buffalo and a cucumber truck into 7 words. #
  • On in a minute… RT @abcqanda: tonight Anna Bligh, George Brandis, Simon Sheikh, David Penberthy and Tania Major #
  • RT @lyndons: A great retraction: NYT in 1969 after moonshot, retracted 1920s editorial saying spaceflight was impossible #

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