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  • Theo Theophanous, the Victorian Labor MP against whom rape charges were dismissed on Friday, has announced he will retire from Parliament. #
  • Theophanous has bowed to the inevitable because there were moves to deny him pre-selection whatever the outcome of the court proceedings. #
  • Theophanous will remain in Parliament as a backbencher until the state election on November 27, 2010. #
  • Theophanous has been in Parliament since 1988. He is 61. #
  • Theophanous says he is "very relaxed" with the decision he has made. Translation: I've lost the numbers. #
  • RT @sarahinthesen8: The PM must reassess his last century views on the ban of gay-marriage & allow MPs conscience vote on my Marriage Bill. #
  • RT @BernardKeane: New edition of Crossing the Floor – this time with more than just my talking head. #
  • RT @jayrosen_nyu: Palin to the nation's press: "How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin' things up?" #
  • It's national Enrol To Vote Week – – one in two 18-year-olds is not enrolled to vote. #
  • Crikey's daily email just reminded me John Howard turned 70 yesterday. All together… #
  • Meanwhile, Kevin Rudd is closing in on Billy McMahon's longevity as PM: #
  • RT @a_web_designer: I hope it wont be a chaotic day in Manila. It's the President's Last State of the Nation Address today. #
  • Is it just me or I am justified in being a little peeved by someone who follows me but protects her updates? Why should I ask permission? #
  • Just took in this morning's @SkyNewsAust Agenda with Dreyfus, Fifield and Gillon. Even for a junkie, that's 30 minutes of my life wasted. #
  • RT @sarahinthesen8: Voting age should be lowered to 16, so 16-17yo can enrol to vote if they want and then voting becomes compulsory at 18. #
  • @RicRaftis I thought Day 4 was especially compelling. in reply to RicRaftis #
  • RT @lyndons: Have you recently bathed in the open TweetStream? It's a murky river. Product packaging, heavy metals, body parts… #
  • Mind your language @lyndons – you're talking about my most dedicated followers… #
  • @RicRaftis I don't care – as long as Gwen is still there I'll keep watching! in reply to RicRaftis #
  • @RicRaftis Well, I don't think immaturity, stupidity & ignorance are necessarily age-related…! [That tweet was from the Greens] in reply to RicRaftis #
  • You're thinking of morning television. RT @stilgherrian: Is it COMPULSORY to have your brain scooped out before working in commercial radio? #
  • Yep, my History students used to tell me this… RT @newscomau: World War I was boring, says veteran – #
  • @koopersmith As much as I love my BA and believe in its value, as a prerequisite for voting it fills me with horror! in reply to koopersmith #
  • Can there be too much communication? Exploring The Blogosphere: – Like being beaten to death with croutons? #
  • And not just journalism… RT @jayrosen_nyu: Audience vs. traffic is an important distinction in web journalism #

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