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  • And That's Not the Way It Is – – Frank Rich looks at Walter Cronkite and the failures of his media successors. #
  • @PeterBlackQUT I tuned in towards the end – you were loud and clear. I had trouble signing up to the UStream chat and then you logged off. in reply to PeterBlackQUT #
  • @PeterBlackQUT I tried out Twitcam the other day but I think UStream is better. in reply to PeterBlackQUT #
  • Nodding and smiling as our children brawl – – how typical is this picture from John Kilner? #
  • Rudd blends politics and economics with eye on election – – Michelle Grattan looks at the PM's strategy. #
  • Orthodox spin – – if you missed Shaun Carney yesterday, his look at the dangers of political orthodoxies is worth a read #
  • Willy Loman isn't manic-depressive but he is beaten down by life – – sticking it to the pyscho-babblers! #
  • Good ideas here (plus RoboForm?) RT @ComplexNumber: Fix Your Terrible, Insecure Passwords in Five Minutes – | Slate #
  • Why does Labor keep up this mute charade? – – Kerry-Anne Walsh looks at the ALP National Conference… she's right… #
  • @kissability Absolutely. This medicalisation of our woes has gone completely overboard. in reply to kissability #
  • The danger in dissent – – is it at all possible that the Rees government could win? The NSW Libs are expert losers… #
  • And Charles Waterstreet is growing on me: #
  • Straws in the wind… RT @theburgerman: Free web content a thing of the past, say media execs – #
  • Glenn Milne versus Wilson Tuckey – – sshhhh… I'm backing Iron Bar… [@theburgerman] #
  • @danupoyner We'll see but it's looking more likely. I'd pay for the NYT and such like… in reply to danupoyner #
  • Bite Your Tongue – – Maureen Dowd on Henry Gates and Jim Crowley. #
  • The Ultimate Obama Insider – – interesting profile of Valerie Jarrett. #
  • Just caught up with this segment on Twitter from The Online NewsHour – – now following @ChuckGrassley #
  • Behind the Scenes of the Daily Show – – interesting & funny piece from Joel Comm. Read blog post first then watch vids. #

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