10 Ways To Pick Up More Followers On Twitter

Guy Kawasaki - How to Change the WorldI’ve become quite a prolific user of Twitter. Mini-blogging seems to suit me and my websites.

I just came across this excellent blog post from Guy Kawasaki.

He has 10 tips for getting more followers on Twitter:

  1. Follow the “smores” (social media whores>
  2. Send @ messages to the smores
  3. Create an effective avatar
  4. Follow everyone who follows you
  5. Always be linking
  6. Establish yourself as a subject expert
  7. Incorporate pictures and other media
  8. Use the right tools
  9. Repeat your tweets
  10. Ask people to follow

The list of tools is particularly useful. SocialToo provides a good way to automate follower requests.

My Twitter page is at twitter.com/mfarnsworth. Follow me and then send me a direct message.

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