Audio Interview with Sean Roach: Rip2It & GotAccess

I was in Sydney yesterday for training on Sean Roach’s Rip2It program.

What is Rip2It? In essence, the program provides a site builder that allows me to quickly build niche websites which act like billboards on the information superhighway. These sites earn money through the Google Adsense placement of targeted advertisements. The site also contain affiliate links to products from

Rip2It is the work of Sean Roach, an American internet entrepreneur. He is about to release a new social networking platform called GotAccess.

I spoke to Sean at the end of yesterday’s sessions.

Click on the play button to listen to the interview:


Sean Roach and Malcolm Farnsworth, Sydney, Australia, May 7, 2008


  1. Hi Malcom,
    Great work, you created 150+ websites with Rip2it? Wow.
    Could u pop by my website and give me some comments?
    I did it up with rip2it but did not get much results.
    So as to prove i am not here for backlinks i am not hyperlinking my site. (there’s only 2 wws) Many thanks in advance.

  2. I had a look at your site and it seems to me that the main problem is the total lack of content. All you’ve got is a navigation box and completely blank pages with Google ads on them. You can’t “game” Google and you certainly can’t expect people to visit a site like this. The one thing everyone will tell you is that “content is king”.

  3. Many thanks Malcom, I created that website with Rip2It but the support has not been able to help me with the lacking of contents till today since a about 10 months till now.

    Did u face such problems or should i just ask for a refund? Support says “results are missing for some of your keywords” and left me at that. Or could you be able to help me with an email to Sean so i can get this going?

    Thanks for everything, i can’t fathom how Rip2it made your fabulous websites and did nothing for me.

  4. If you’re still a member of Rip2It, you can submit a request for a unique site and they will provide 7 articles of content.

    If you use the Site Builder software, you can re-do the site with the correct keywords. You will need to provide your own header graphic and articles.

    Have you tried writing your own content? What about getting free content from article directories?

    Have you been setting up the monthly pre-made sites? That’s a whole bunch of sites if you’ve been a member for 10 months.

  5. Dear Malcolm,

    My name is Andrew. I am from Canada. I just attended the world internet summit in Toronto. I was not able to attend the first day however I did here about the rip2it challenge web site and purchased 50 sites. I recieved my member log in and when I need help. I don’t seem to get any acknowledgement from support that I even exist. They don’t recognize me when I try to contact them although I did get a confirmation from them to my email with my password. When I try to download the sites I am having problems. Do you have any tips for me?

    Regards, Andrew M.

  6. Andrew – I can’t really help with this because I don’t know how they’re administering this particular offer.

    I would be surprised if you don’t get a response from their help-desk. If you are able to log-in you should be able to submit a ticket.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “having problems” downloading the sites. All sites are downloadable ZIP files. You need to save the ZIP file on your hard drive and then unzip it. The unzipped files should be uploaded to your web server, retaining the relational structure of the files.

    1. I have discontinued my Rip2It membership. There are a number of reasons for this:

      I only planned to stay in the program for about 6 months. Additionally, the decline in the value of the Australian dollar relative to the US dollar meant that the monthly subscription had increased significantly since I signed up.

      I have learnt a lot from the Rip2It program. The training has been good value with plenty of videos, audios and PDFs covering every aspect of getting traffic. The live training was also good value. For me, it was time to move on with a portfolio of sites without committing myself to further subscription costs.

      I’m very dissatisfied with the clunky, ugly look of the Rip2It sites. Whatever arguments are put about this being in the best interests of developing the sites, I’m not happy with it. Furthermore, many of the sites will not function properly on other webhosts.

      I now develop my own WordPress sites with Adsense and pull in feeds from Amazon, eBay and YouTube. I’m having more success with these than I did with the Rip2It sites. I’ve combined a number of sites into portals, added Clickbank products, etc.

      I can’t comment on Google de-listing all your sites. What I do know is that a decent WordPress blog site optimised with a number of plugins and which contains regular new posts will be indexed by Google fairly quickly. Everything Rip2It teaches about driving traffic still applies and is the key to the success of a niche site. And I don’t feel embarrassed to show other people the sites I have created this way. In the end you have to go with what what you’re comfortable with and this works for me.

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