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  • From the archives: Peter Costello's speeches at the Gallipoli Dawn Service in 2003. – "a cathedral to courage" #
  • From the archives: PM John Howard's ANZAC Day speech in 2003. – "Iraq commitment part of a great tradition" #
  • From the archives: Defence Minister Robert Hill's 2003 ANZAC Day speech aboard HMAS Kanimbla in the Persian Gulf. #
  • From the archives: Text/Audio of Paul Keating's speech at the Funeral Service of the Unknown Australian Soldier. #
  • From the archives: PM Kevin Rudd's 2008 speech in which he ruminates on Australia and war. #
  • Patrick Secker for Speaker? #
  • Tony Windsor withdraws support for Slipper: #
  • Rudd v Gillard by August, says Herald Sun… or October… or maybe Smith and Shorten… or maybe not… #

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