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  • 10 years ago today, Harry Evans, Clerk of the Senate, argued for a "reformation" of the Aust Parliament: #auspol #
  • @MWhalan Yes, you're right, the voting system can be changed by act of parliament, as it has been several times since 1901. #
  • You're not supposed to say he's the most astute political observer in the country but try this: #
  • And this piece from last week: #
  • Best to recognise a silly idea whilst it's still new. @AustPolitics is hereby abandoned. Signed: @mfarnsworth, the Gerald Ford of Twitter. #
  • @lyndons Again. More frequent and for longer now. #
  • The (38) Most Influential Places in History from @TIME – includes the Great Barrier Reef & Sydney Opera House. #
  • The first or second Tuesday… what does it tell you that Swan and Shorten think this is a killer line? #Lateline #
  • @vealmince I thought it was on at 8pm so I missed it. #
  • @murpharoo In a Year 9 debating kind of way. #
  • Eugene Robinson wonders if Nth Korea, China, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran & the Euro-zone might affect the US poll: #
  • Flight of fancy comes to mind… #
  • Sen Xenophon thought it was a flight of fancy when he heard months before that the govt might install Slipper to shaft Wilkie. #Lateline #
  • Finding Romney's vice-president: #
  • From the archives: Alexander Downer's speech at the Lone Pine ANZAC Day service at Gallipoli in 2001. #

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