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  • Regular updates and archival memories from are now being tweeted from @AustPolitics – unlocked and taking followers. #
  • The earliest reference I can find to "Howard's battlers" & Beazley's "ticker" is Robb's 1996 speech: – others? #
  • @mumbletwits Thanks – I wasn't aware of your paper on this. What also struck me in Robb's speech was the pre-1998 use of 'ticker'. #
  • The third industrial revolution: the digitisation of manufacturing. #
  • Layer by layer: 3D printers – – printing chocolate? #
  • A very good explanation by Steven Pearlstein of the extremism, partisanship and stalemate besetting US politics: (WP) #
  • Grattan: "The atmosphere is reminiscent of those weeks in 1975..when no one was sure what would happen." #
  • Parallels here in this US academic discussion of whether economics or politics matter more in election outcomes: #
  • How we tackled the GFC – the primary school version: (jump to around 2mins 15sec) #
  • @ainsleespadaro How are you? #
  • Had a shower this morning. Left the door open. #SpeakershipTraining #

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