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  • Tony Abbott, prime minister? – Norman Abjorensen wonders whether ambition to realisation may be a bridge too far. #
  • A little-noted 45th anniversary: on this day in 1967, Gough Whitlam defeated Jim Cairns to become leader of the ALP. #
  • @kjob85 It's probably the most readable of his many unreadable books! #
  • @tweetingtechno I didn't but thanks, I'll listen to it. Talk about sexism in politics. #
  • Mrs. Florence Green, Last World War I Veteran, Dies at 110: – the last known person from either side. #
  • @swearyanthony You couldn't say you were short-changed. And how's this for remarkable: #
  • Post- Strauss-Kahn, panic buttons for New York hotel staff: #
  • The Zuckerberg Tax: – Like this? #
  • Unemployment in Werribee's Birdcage: #
  • The "Sydney allowance" is getting a workout: #
  • Len Dickins: #
  • Josh Gordon says Mr. Baillieu is in a more energetic mood this year: #
  • @Colvinius Yes. I met him some years ago when he spoke to our students about writing. He told me about someone he knew who had died… (1/2) #
  • @Colvinius (2/2) He asked what the man had died of and was told: "He died of everything." #
  • @Colvinius He and I laughed uproariously but the kids looked bemused! #
  • Kevin Rudd won't speak to Four Corners. – but others have… #
  • Michael Sexton on the financial black hole of political advertising on TV: (The Aust – $wall) #

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