My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Paul Krugman on Romney's lack of concern: #
  • Voter frustration makes for tumultuous GOP primary: – an agitated electorate in search of a candidate. #
  • Spooks, series 10, final episode – an ending just for the fans. #
  • Laurie Oakes: Gillard's path to victory for a Labor government – but almost certainly too late. #
  • Michelle Grattan: Rudd would not rush to poll; Shorten denies urging pre-emptive strike; Oakeshott warns Labor. #
  • Michael Gordon talks to Gillard: "It's been hard in the past…the more you do it, the more you gain strength…" #
  • Peter Hartcher: Every which way it's Rudd. – – "exact timing…unpredictable, but it's growing near." #
  • Peter van Onselen: Disaster-prone Julia Gillard living on borrowed time. #
  • Troy Bramston: A shift in support to Rudd; MPs remain divided; leadership contest next week unlikely. (The Aust) #
  • Shaun Carney: Groping for leadership in an hour of darkness. – an early 2010 election was a lost opportunity. #

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