My Latest Twitter Updates

  • A particularly good start to the year for Clarke and Dawe: #
  • Tumblr hiring writers and editors: – PR fluff or a sign of things to come? #
  • Facebook's Like button is the key to its emotional locker and advertising's nirvana: #
  • With unemployment at 13%, Nevada's GOP caucuses give the Tea Party their last chance to block Romney: #
  • Where Are the Romney Republicans? – Nicholas Kristof says Gingrich & Santorum are the mutant strain in the GOP. #
  • What is a Republican Feminist To Do? – a narrowing of choice since the days of Margaret Chase Smith. #
  • @abolaffi I would have said the differences within and between our parties are quite stark. #
  • The Australian's Dennis Shanahan: "Kevin Rudd may challenge Julia Gillard before Queensland state poll" #
  • Dear Julia… – Michelle Grattan imagines the view from the backbench. #
  • Abbott's small government, big interventions: – Laura Tingle says Abbott is neither a wet nor a dry. #
  • Financial Review's front page lead by Laura Tingle: "Desperate Labor MPs turning against Gillard" – (paywalled) #

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