My Latest Twitter Updates

  • New year innovation – I have setup an Facebook page: – now to get in the habit of using it #
  • @profsarahj I think I'm now supposed to beg for "likes"… #
  • "Don't underestimate how much this is all about Kevin." – @samanthamaiden story on Wilkie the "suicide bomber". #
  • The second piece this month from Paul Howes on mining jobs and the Chinese communists: #
  • The troops placated, now Gillard can concentrate on the opposition: – Stephanie Peatling on a risky masterstroke.. #
  • @HillbillySkill I've posted a couple of links to articles in the morning papers… why are you abusing me? #
  • @AshGhebranious Hehe… #
  • The remarkable story of the likely recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: – from PBS @newshour #
  • @Crf001 Who knows but I suspect it will confirm a mind that is already made up. #
  • What The Hell Is Happening In South Carolina? – TNR's @AlecMacGillis on the chances of a "mildly amazing" result. #
  • @boeufblogginon Thanks and ditto – you're still away, I gather? #
  • Bruce Guthrie on the employment hazards of being on the wrong side of 45: #

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