My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Robert Manne: The search not for the perfect but for the least bad asylum seeker policy can no longer be delayed. #
  • I knew Christopher Hitchens better than you: #
  • Good heavens, I wasn't a student at the time, so I'm not sure how this 23-page document got into my archives: #
  • The Separation of Newt and State: – Maureen Dowd on Gingrich's shrine to himself #
  • Gingrich, the most serious, systematic revolutionary of modern times, or the ultimate pragmatist? #
  • Stephen Smith accused of sitting on ADF Skype scandal report because it criticises his actions: #
  • The Age also publishes Robert Manne's piece on asylum seekers: "How the left got it wrong" #
  • Asylum seekers: Abbott offers PNG option but no one is 'talking turkey' – #
  • Roxon accuses Philip Morris of corporate restructuring "trick" to concoct legal challenge to plain packaging: #

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