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  • Should People be Fined if they Won't Enrol to Vote? – Antony Green on the problems of extending the franchise. #
  • These repeats of Waking The Dead are usually good for inspiration… #
  • Someone's been giving Grace the finger… #
  • RT @GhostWhoVotes: #Galaxy Poll Preferred ALP Leader: Gillard 26 Rudd 60 #auspol #
  • RT @GhostWhoVotes: #Galaxy Poll Most likely to lead ALP to victory: Gillard 22 Rudd 68 #auspol #
  • RT @GhostWhoVotes: #Galaxy Poll Support for asylum-seeker plans: Malaysia swap 14 Other overseas locations 45 In Australia 34 #auspol #
  • George Brandis wants to amend the Racial Discrimination Act: #
  • Michelle Grattan on IR, Costello, Abbott, Joyce, and the DLP: – a case of knowing where the bodies are buried. #
  • Richard Ackland is worried about what may be thrown out with the media's bilge water: #
  • Final budget outcome for last financial year indicates next year's projected surplus is on "shaky ground": #
  • @AyaReina Indeed. And he proclaimed his loss of free speech all over the front page of the Herald-Sun today. #

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