My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Of food, family and market forces: – @NeilMcMahon on the magic human ingredient behind Melbourne's market stalls. #
  • Kennett: "..he's been..chair of beyondblue for so long & remains so ignorant about mental health issues.." #
  • Heard on the car radio: a woman who can't breastfeed said she suffered from a "severe stigmata". #
  • @drng Chinese immigration during the gold rushes? #
  • I have bedtime viewing: @Kimbo_Ramplin #
  • Dementia: the forgotten health crisis – Peter van Onselen #
  • The repeat of David Marr's Four Corners program on Stuart Challender is as compelling now as it was 20 years ago: #
  • The Surreal Ruins of Gaddafi's Never-Never Land: – NY T imes Magazine #
  • When Your Therapist Is Only a Click Away: – curing internet addiction by video conference…! #
  • Katharine Murphy: Gillard's days feel numbered, but is Abbott right to feel he can take Rudd down a second time? #
  • Michelle Grattan: Gillard suffers another losing roll of the dice. – pokies, football and Wilkie. #
  • Phillip Coorey: AFL puts the boot into pokie plans. #
  • Jennifer Hewett: Swan hopes for the best, fears worst, as world faces its debts. #
  • Barry Cohen: The experts have got it wrong – Gillard was not disloyal to Rudd. #

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