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  • Is a Marxist understanding of social conflict superior to a liberal understanding, an emails asks. I made my excuses and departed… #
  • ANZAC Day threatened by Wilkie's pokie plan! You have to admire that one. #abc730 #
  • @Cecilia_St I'm told Christmas might be cancelled because of the carbon tax… #
  • @sspencer_63 I barely survived an exam on Marxist theory on the morning of Nov 12, 1975, after a distracted day before. Marx is dead to me! #
  • Goodness, @GreenJ is on @abc774 … #NightTimeDriving #
  • Apparently it's @774melbourne#
  • When too many exclamation marks are never enough: – Tony Wright on the making of history in Canberra. #
  • A vast cost in feeling just a little more secure: – Ross Gittins has the numbers on the security theatre. #

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