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  • Shaun Carney on "the only possible contender to replace Gillard": Kevin Rudd #
  • Peter van Onselen on why the other options are not "as workable as a move to [Stephen] Smith": #
  • Lenore Taylor on why Stephen Smith and others are unprepared but "possible pairings" are being talked about: #
  • Phillip Coorey says support is growing for Rudd: – meeting Ban Ki-Moon today should help… #
  • Peter Hartcher claims Shorten says "that prick Rudd" isn't coming back, but Bill is ready, only not yet: #
  • Tony Windsor says "I don't think I can conceive of a situation where I would impose Abbott on the Aust people": #
  • Dennis Shanahan wonders whether anyone would want to venture into the stinking Augean stables: #
  • Jennifer Hewett says the Caucus is getting ready to think the unthinkable: – "… Rudd, incredibly, in waiting." #
  • Laurie Oakes says "panic is setting in" and Gillard's tin ear hasn't improved: #
  • Some bloke in Melbourne says a replacement "might at least restore the pride that Gillard has destroyed": #
  • The Daily Telegraph says talk of a leadership change "is as disappointing as it is predictable": #
  • The Age reports that "Australia's judges have launched a withering attack on Julia Gillard": #
  • The Sydney Morning Herald says the government is "adrift without a compass": #
  • The Deputy Speaker threatens to park his slippers under the cross benches: #

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