My Latest Twitter Updates

  • I have to say I'm not missing you at all, Twitter… #
  • @BiteTheDust Other things to attend to recently, but I have to say every time I decamp the bonds are loosened just a bit more. #
  • @katedoak Calm reason? And there's me just been ranting like a madman on the phone to someone else… #
  • @BiteTheDust Ah, so you're just looking for a cheap aggregation service? #
  • @BiteTheDust No cheques accepted… direct deposit details follow. #
  • @BiteTheDust Here's the pick of the day: #
  • @deniswright Anything but, I fear. #
  • @sunili It's less hate than disinterest these days. #
  • @NineSortJam If you knew me for real, you'd know that doesn't work. #
  • Perhaps a ration of midnight to 2am is the way to do it? #
  • @djmattyg007 Careful, it's the narcissism that pisses me off most of all… #
  • Bruce Guthrie's book was on sale for $5 at the A&R closing down clearance. Had a good long read tonight. #
  • @lapuntadelfin Story of my life. #
  • @NineSortJam Take no notice… it's this difficulty with being clear on here that really irritates me now. 140 characters is just silly. #
  • The Muppets, et al: #
  • Roosting chickens: #

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