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  • Two women had a political argument in a Brisbane shopping centre. Looks like it's been another big news day. #
  • Turnbull: "I've given him (Abbott) a loyalty that I didn't receive my colleagues." (PM interview) #
  • Turnbull: "I think it's better I don't express a personal opinion… but just say that the coalition policy is to oppose the carbon tax…" #
  • @HutchHussein I don't think it's the right kind of passion… #
  • If you have a weak candidate & a weak platform, wrap yourself up in the [US] flag & talk about the Constitution. -Sen M Quay (1833-1904) #
  • That quote via #
  • Is this David Cameron's Princess Di moment? Get this right… #
  • It takes two to blag… #
  • Tom Watson MP: Some good may come out of evil. #
  • "Hacked Off" – wonderful name for a lobby group. #
  • Dennis Skinner: "It wasn't because of his amazing personality that he had so many politicians in his pocket." #
  • The Guardian's report of David Cameron's announcement of a press inquiry: #
  • How Twitter tracked the News of the World scandal: – fascinating animation from The Guardian. #
  • @neon_shadows And when it's being cynically used as a cloak by loonies… #
  • David Cameron says he's learned to be careful about saying anything about the twittersphere in case he puts the vowel in the wrong place! #
  • News Corporation withdraws its bid for BSkyB: #

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