My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Despite promises, there has been no return to cabinet govt under Gillard: – Michelle Grattan #
  • ARENA – the Australian Renewable Energy Agency – to co-ordinate clean energy projects: – The Age #
  • The Murdoch culture: not just a rotten tooth, the entire body is badly infected. – Richard Ackland #
  • The Australian says Gillard has made a personal plea to the Malaysian PM over the refugee swap plan. #
  • The Australian has an editorial on "The corruption of journalism" #
  • Sunday's carbon tax announcement is Gillard's second and last chance, says Dennis Shanahan. #
  • @profsarahj You seriously think she can recover? #
  • Various tweets suggesting News of the World is to pull all advertising on Sunday… others say James Murdoch announces its closure… #
  • Guardian blog reports on Murdoch's announcement that News of the World will close after Sunday's edition: #
  • @Kimbo_Ramplin I had the TV turned off…! #
  • James Murdoch says Sunday's last edition revenue of NOTW will go to "good causes". #
  • Full statement from News International of closure of News of the World: #
  • CNN newsman says Murdoch owns The Australian, Courier-Mail and Brisbane Broncos… where did that Queensland bias come from? #
  • @amytheblue The what? #
  • I wonder if The Australian will close down in sympathy? #

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