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  • Searching for a business model.. RT @DanielleCronin: The Guardian: Is this really the death of political blogging? #
  • And Iain Dale's argument for group blogs: – Dale speaks in Canberra on June 1: #
  • Met a person this morning who didn't understand what carbon is and thought her employer would deduct the carbon tax as PAYG from her wages. #
  • @mskatem And an even greater job by the government… #
  • .@Salvor_Hardin_ @CDRE_Callis So ignorance is stupidity? Please unfollow me and call back when your superior intellect has grown up. #
  • @GrogsGamut It's tragic. And all of the language on this issue is wrong. #
  • @DanielleCronin I expect a live blog of the occasion… #
  • @SpudBenBean But it's not just some monolithic media conspiracy – it's a failure of the government to get its message out there. #
  • @SCORDINA And that's just the first of many language problems in the climate debate. #
  • But who's going to give the bride away? … RT @GhostWhoVotes: Tim Mathieson wants to marry @JuliaGillard. #auspol #
  • @awelder As Spandau Ballet would have put it, Gold… #
  • I think the full range of jokes and focus group conspiracy theories have now been covered… sorry for being so trivial… #
  • RT @georgeorwell: The one thing I know is that if a possibility exists of missing this propaganda opportunity, the British govt will find it #
  • Mr. Mathieson: "Like Julia, I don't think we need to be cemented in any other way." (via @GhostWhoVotes) #
  • The mysterious boom in British parakeets: #
  • The latest hilarious instalment of Gail Collins's "Presidential Primary Book Club" – this week it's Newt Gingrich. #
  • Victorian DPP Jeremy Rapke has resigned: – an "error of judgment" #

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