My Latest Twitter Updates

  • "His populist, contradictory, rhetorical & shallow analysis of the budget has been matched only by .. Hockey" #
  • No-one can accuse me of not being prepared to pay for content. Just renewed my subscription to The New Republic. #
  • @timdunlop @GrogsGamut I was very fond of Opposition Leader Howard circa 1987. A real role model. #
  • @ki_sekiya Well, in 1988 they told us there'd been no real politicians since the 1940s… it's all silly talk. #
  • Channel 7 news has just done a story on footballers using Twitter. AFL's Demetriou says he doesn't get it. And they're running a poll… #
  • Speaking Up in Class, Silently, Using the Tools of Social Media: #
  • @Kimbo_Ramplin Jim Lehrer: #
  • Laurie Oakes says Abbott missed his best chance, but the article is really about the government's weaknesses: #
  • Wizard of Lies: – this is a very interesting interview with the author of a new book on Bernie Madoff. #
  • Not even a photograph of the President is quite what it seems: – a practice now discontinued by Obama. #
  • Shaun Carney: "Power of success behind Abbott's one-track style" #
  • Martin Flanagan: Meeting Lionel Rose #

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