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  • The ABC has always been a socialist enterprise! Whitlam said so. (House of Reps, April 7, 1954) #
  • Interesting commentary this morning from Barrie Cassidy: teenage mums, carbon tax, the Tele principle, The Aust, et al: #
  • Admit it, we all wish we'd said it: #
  • A most thoughtful discussion of Lindsay Tanner's Sideshow by Andrew Charlton in The Monthly: #
  • @prudencetehan You mean the best memories only happened in occasional 140 character bursts…? #
  • @prudencetehan Now that you're pushing 30, feel free to dispense with the Mr… #
  • @prudencetehan What are you up to now? Any good gossip? What's the VicDeaf involvement? #
  • What's Right? – Peter van Onselen on the future of the Liberals (The Monthly – subscription only) #
  • van Onselen: "The risk for Liberal Party renewal is that Generation Next is no more ideas-focused than the frontbenchers they will replace." #
  • There's a marvellous review by Peter Conrad of "Angry Boys" in The Monthly, just out. Sounds like it takes confronting to a new level. #
  • @nickcentric This is only available if you have a subscription… #
  • @nickcentric You can buy single editions through their iPad app. #
  • The last post: #
  • Looks like Tony Jones has finally encountered an interviewee who's impervious to his interruptions! #Lateline #
  • Speech by Senator Doug Cameron on the future of the ALP: #

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