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  • @JaneTribune Ditto… but you know as well as I do that we really spent several hours gossiping about all those wankers on The Drum. #
  • @lukebuckmaster Well, I've been testing the hypothesis of that experiment since 15/3/01 – a whole decade of continuous failure. #
  • @sandraom I didn't give up reading them – not completely anyway – but I did give up paying for them. #
  • @JaneTribune I've decided it's rude not to follow you now that we have communed at such length. #
  • Catching up on the news… did that reporter really say London is "heaving" over tomorrow's big event? #
  • Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them? #
  • @prestontowers Like a Fairfax iPad app, you can have a month's trial… #
  • @empatt Thanks for that. Didn't realise you were in The Hague. How's things? #
  • @Paxmeister A touch of Holden Caulfield about that piece. #
  • @jasonjordan Thanks for that. Just hope it didn't sound unconstructively negative – I really do love newspapers. #
  • @NeilMcMahon @GrogsGamut Thanks for that. Another of my "more in sorrow" pieces! #
  • @gjfitzgerald I gave up buying the papers but I haven't given up reading them. Like the parties, we still need them in some form. #
  • @Drag0nista Ta muchly again. At this rate, I'll stop voting too… #
  • @pblakez @pjlogue @mjdimer @lukeoneill @Eventmechanics @Patrickavenell @viveka Thanks so much for the kind comments. #
  • @s_bridges Thanks for that. What you up to now? #
  • @renailemay I do read most of those and subscribe/donate to a couple. Just had a look at your site now. Thanks for alerting me to it. #
  • @renailemay A rant?! That was restrained comment… #
  • @topendredheeler Agreed. It's like the pre-internet days when an enjoyable element of visiting the UK was access to the BBC. #

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