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  • @Senexx Leaving the budget issue aside, I thought it interesting that the Premier responds to tweets from an official ALP account… #
  • @Senexx Especially when it's an account that rarely engages with users and mainly broadcasts. There's a social media lesson there. #
  • @Senexx That's my point – he's one who does respond to individuals, as in my two earlier RTs. It's still rare amongst MPs. #
  • Republican Party sharpening online tools for 2012: #
  • Geoffrey Barker suggests Stephen Smith has already been outflanked by the Defence Dept establishment: #
  • @JuliusFlywheel Imagine what they'd say about Rudd and Gillard: "The nation can't have TWO foreign policies." #
  • @charity_edwards Your RT makes it look as though I wrote the original tweet. I didn't. #
  • I've taken only a passing interest in the Behrendt/Price fracas but Jeff Sparrow looks like he's summed it up: #
  • @TheMeanSplendor Yes, I just read it now… I liked that line about the 'dead horse' version. #
  • @charity_edwards No problems, no offence – probably just being precious! #
  • Australians need to get out more… RT @john_larkin: Latest blog post: Singapore April 2011 #

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