My Latest Twitter Updates

  • I'm weak, I know it. I've relapsed. The withdrawal symptoms took hold of me. My detox and cleansing is at risk. I'm watching Agenda. #
  • RT @Drag0nista: @tonyowright reminds us that flood recovery is far from over: Aussies living in destroyed homes #
  • It's a good read so far: #
  • And so is this is if you missed it this morning: #
  • "Louts on trains tend to lose interest when confronted by an angry drooler, particularly if he has an attack dog with him." #
  • Driving the Great Ocean Road: – this New York Times writer travelled from the "province" of South Australia. #
  • @SachaBlumen I didn't know of that distinction until now. Officially a province, not a colony. #
  • Countdown clocks: US media finds a way to "bring politics down to crisp deadlines and hard numbers," sports-like. #

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