My Latest Twitter Updates

  • So we're celebrating a military takeover in Egypt and the promise of free elections? That's worked pretty well in the past, hasn't it? #
  • @trib It sure isn't a revolution when the army replaces one of its own. #
  • @helen_lo Call me old-fashioned, but credibility when you're holding the gun isn't quite the same as a democratic partnership. #
  • I always knew the Duke was a tolerant fellow. #
  • 'Tis a pity these two editions had to drown. #
  • @lapuntadelfin Aside from the massive inconvenience, I've lost little that really upsets me. A little forced culling doesn't matter. #
  • @lapuntadelfin And no-one died. The rest is just stuff. #
  • @lapuntadelfin Now that's a story I wish I could tell! #

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