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  • LBJ deserved better. #
  • @smurray38 I had a look at Floodbooks earlier. Nice idea! I've lost around 300 but only a handful will be hard to replace. #
  • @smurray38 And some should not be replaced! If I lived 3-4 doors down the street it would be much worse. #
  • @smurray38 But it's all up to the insurance assessor now, if I ever see one… #
  • @aptronym @smurray38 oh, you know, Danielle Steele, Dan Brown, all the quality stuff… #
  • @aptronym @smurray38 And the 1884 Victorian Royal Commission into Education Report… #
  • @aptronym @smurray38 Let's face it, there are better recommendations in that report than anything Gillard's come up with. #
  • @smurray38 Committee to Remember an Extremely Energetic Presidency? #
  • @smurray38 He couldn't wear a helmet and chew gum at the same time. #
  • @smurray38 Going swimmingly? #
  • @smurray38 Not too bad. Some progress but it's somewhat overwhelming. Normality is dead for weeks to come. #
  • @smurray38 No assessor for another day or two stalls everything. No power points. Most furniture stuffed. Swimming pool under house, #
  • @smurray38 Ditto. It's ramifications are endless. Everything on hold. #
  • @smurray38 of course I meant "its"… #
  • @smurray38 This is not the time to sell out. #

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