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  • "Our gestational carrier" … isn't the English language a wonderful thing? #
  • Stephen Mayne has just told 774 listeners that Frank McGuire is set to win ALP preselection for Broadmeadows, replacing John Brumby. #
  • Apparently Frank's family are into tennis and football… #
  • So Tony Abbott thinks building the NBN in light of the floods is akin to redoing your bathroom when the roof's been blown off… #SBSNews #
  • Innovative online photography from ABC News showing before and after shots of Queensland floods: #
  • @mprimme Older brother, former journalist. #
  • @NewtonMark A perfect time to rewire the place! #
  • On reading generously: (via @peterjblack) #
  • But it helps to be able to read accurately: (via @downesy) #
  • At the AUKMIN press conference today, Kevin Rudd invited "spontaneous questions" from "the people's collective of journalists". #Humour #
  • Chief Justice John Roberts: A conservative ogre with a sense of humour? – a very good read. (via @peterjblack) #
  • @derekbarry Hehe.. You've made me realise that here in Melbourne MTR's call sign is bigger than its listenership. #
  • Just caught up with this excellent Q&A where Jay Rosen explains how and why he uses Twitter. (via @marketingmoron) #
  • RT @WilliamJHague: Looking forward to speaking at the Lowy Institute tomorrow – have blogged about the visit at #
  • Tom Davis, former Republican congressman, in a video interview on Politico, with advice to new members: – sobering #
  • Watching the Hannity-Palin interview: – "a possibly left-leaning" gunman, Tea Party patriots, US exceptionalism. #
  • @ern_malleyscrub Looks like an iView job… #
  • Spend what it takes, says business: – and the political year takes shape. #

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