My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Her mother did not approve. #BeatrixPotter #
  • @HutchHussein I'm still a bit worried about the other bloke who took up with the daughter of a wine merchant! #
  • @julieposetti I'm glad I caught that program – very nicely done. #
  • And Graham Norton just 24 hours after screening in the UK – the ABC should have Christmas every day. #
  • @bondles9 But when are we getting the last series of Spooks? #
  • @seamus_polsci Yes, what I meant was Series 9 that's just finished in the UK. #
  • Past, Present and Yet to Come: – New York Times on the emotional cadenza at the end of the year. #
  • Obama launches a charm offensive: – "I had grown too comfortable in my solitude, the safest place I knew." #
  • Unique approach to FOI by outgoing Brumby government as more documents apparently left in desks:

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