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  • 3 good pieces in the Financial Review today: Kitney on Gillard, Dodson on Gillard/Abbott staff, and Walker on Rudd. Subscription only. #
  • Walker is particularly scathing about Rudd. Gillard "is stuck with him and so are we in what is looking increasingly like a mistake". #
  • @DavidOverdose Pardon?! #
  • @AyaReina Not me – I gave up my subscription 2 years ago (after many many years) – just buy occasional individual copies now, mainly Friday. #
  • @AyaReina The Fin was the first to really stuff up their subscription and online presence. Loyal non-finance readers like me driven out. #
  • Cleaning up my video archives & just watched Pyne/Gillard in a BER MPI in Sept 2009. Interesting to compare JG's demeanour with now. #
  • The debate is this one: See p9295. #
  • And it's good night from @Colvinius – the last #PM for the year and I've got my arm buried in the bathroom toilet. Must symbolise something. #
  • @empatt I'm often told I'm full of it… #
  • James Mann, Congressman who drafted the Articles of Impeachment against Richard Nixon, dies, aged 90: #
  • And the Articles of Impeachment are here: – always worth re-reading just to remind yourself of what can happen. #
  • @Colvinius It may actually have been this year but I suspect 2011 will be my 40th year as a regular PM listener. The value is incalculable. #
  • @meredithart More likely I'm just in the s*** again! #
  • @katedoak Ah, but there are some things radio can do better than television and daily current affairs is one of them. #
  • Darwin Cyclone Tracy story on #730Report Christmas Day 1974: #
  • Just downloaded The Age iPad app – 4-week free trial with no information whatsoever on pricing after that. #
  • The Age app is basically identical to what you get with Press Display: – hard to beat their pricing. #
  • WikiLeaks: US embassy cables show Woolcott criticised Rudd's Asia-Pacific plan: – few details on a "deliverable". #

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