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  • Revealing Gina Rinehart's hard-right agenda: – a look at the 57-member ANDEV, Rinehart's mining lobby group. #
  • @John_Hanna Thanks for that. That piece requires free registration with an email address but not subscription. #
  • @DrewBoyTweets Also laughable stuff when you consider the Hancock/Hanson links – money doesn't always equal political skill. #
  • RT @ParlLibrary: The curious case of Julian Assange: – Parl. Library looks at Sweden's sexual crimes legislation. #
  • Anyone know what's happened to @Nana_Mex? Account has been suspended and Carnarvon has been flooded… #
  • The CIA has set up the WikiLeaks Task Force to assess the impact of the leaks. WTF. #
  • The Library at Pooh Corner: – wherever they go and whatever happens to them on the way… #
  • Here's a new approach to online cartooning: – Ann Telnaes on Palin complaining about media coverage of her kids. #
  • RT @ToryPressHQ: Oopsy! Spelling mistake in the very first sentence of Ed Miliband's speech: #
  • @giddeygirl "damming" instead of "damning"… #
  • @giddeygirl Ah, but they corrected it since the tweet was sent! #
  • Republican states gain House seats in new US census but population shift is dominated by Dem-voting Latinos: #
  • The Electoral College adjustment could be more significant for Republicans in 2012: #
  • @giddeygirl Hehe… I bet the Libs and ALP wouldn't be as quick off the mark with their online sniping as the Poms are. #
  • Norwegian newspaper claims to have been leaked all 250,000 WikiLeaks documents: #
  • WikiLeaks damages free expression by choking private talks, says Jeffrey Bleich, US Ambassador to Australia: #
  • WikiLeaks: Cables show US blames Indonesian neglect, corruption and human rights abuses for West Papua unrest: #
  • Sydney bookshops sales down this Christmas: – 5-20%, depending on who you ask. #

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