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  • Question Time in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. Opposition Leader Andrews asks about ministers actually answering questions. #
  • Baillieu: I am delighted to receive a question in this place from the Opposition Leader… #
  • Liberal member for Bayswater asks the first Dorothy Dixer on delivering election promises. Baillieu even more delighted to receive this Q. #
  • In his first response as Premier, Baillieu talks of the removal of parking restrictions… implemented, "warmly & roundly welcomed". #
  • It's not going to get much better… available online here: #
  • @citizen_cam You want the truth…? #
  • In a curious point of order, the former Lib leader Denis Napthine draws a distinction between the "Opposition" & "the former govt". #VicQT #
  • The black book is getting a workout in Baillieu's first Question Time. #VicQT #
  • When foreign policy realism isn't realistic: – Michael Gerson, Bush 44's speechwriter, on Kissinger, good & evil. #
  • C. S. Lewis, Palin, and reading all the wrong books: #
  • @TommyTudehope Well, nothing – as the article said… #
  • @BiteTheDust I just checked the list – considering it includes Bieber and Middleton, amongst others, I'd sooner sit down with Palin! #
  • @BiteTheDust And I just looked up LeBron James, so Palin moved up to at least 7th place! #
  • @BiteTheDust It's the curse of the end of the year – lists, lists and more bloody lists! #
  • For the first time since things went a little bit crazy this year, I've emptied the hard drive of my IQ2. Now for the DVD recorder… #
  • Assange's slipshod standards: – Shaun Carney decries the paranoid personality cult around the founder of WikiLeaks #
  • WikiLeaks: Downer on North Korea: Deny aid and "let the whole place go to shit" – & ignore the NZ bleeding hearts. #
  • @DanaScully2 Anything's possible, given the number of documents not yet released. #

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