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  • Some observations on the longevity of Australian governments: #auspol #vicvotes #
  • @vlietman Indeed – just shows how irrelevant all those racial, gender factors are when the swing is on. #
  • Is it too late to get Mr. Baillieu to change his mind? #vicvotes #
  • @Drag0nista Thanks – didn't tie it up quite as well as I could have at the end… #
  • A minister responsible for the teaching profession? What's happened to the Education Minister? #vicvotes #
  • Just met with @crushtor. Think I may have conned him into thinking I know what I'm talking about… #
  • Watching the Community Cabinet on @SkyNewsAust and I can hear @Colvinius hosting PM in the background… #
  • @MichaeCarey He just got drowned out by a woman yelling at Gillard… #
  • These refugees want to impose their way of life on us, burqas and all, a man tells Gillard at the Community Cabinet in Clontarf, Brisbane. #
  • A problem with these Community Cabinets is the single issue lobbyists who seem to pop up all the time. Hardly typical voters. #
  • And this is one of those rare occasions where I'm not staying until the end, even if I am getting two programs for the price of one… #
  • What am I doing in Glen Waverley at this hour of the night when I could be home reading tomorrow's papers? #
  • @adullard Just sampling the ambience of a new Liberal electorate. Counselling friends struggling with the concept. #
  • @iamtheoracle Just visiting the regions… #
  • Football is a school of life where you learn to lose… #
  • 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held in RUSSIA. #
  • 2022 #FIFA World Cup will be held in QATAR. #
  • @amytheblue I got home very late… would not normally tweet this kind of stuff! #justsoyouknow #

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