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  • A reform for better, not worse: – Adele Horin gets the politics of same-sex marriage right in this piece. #
  • @jayness33 But such a sincere advocate for the "blue-collar social conservatives of the outer suburbs"! #
  • @Drag0nista Apparently I use Twitter "efficiently" but if people like you didn't tweet such silly links I'd be even more efficient! #
  • @BiteTheDust Yes but are you efficient? #
  • @BiteTheDust I'm trying to help my impoverished regional cousins and this is the thanks I get… #
  • So Labor is the Red party after all. #
  • More election analysis has arrived. #
  • "The Sunday Age will endorse neither party. If we were put up against a wall..maybe Labor." (via @GhostWhoVotes) #
  • The full quote: "So, without meaning to be pompous, The Sunday Age will endorse neither party." Hehe… #
  • Sunday Age: "Why not throw them out? ..Because Labor offers competent managerial government..racked up a few reforms which lead the nation." #
  • And The Sunday Age says the state election has failed to garner much "excitment" in the electorate… #
  • Meanwhile, the Sunday Herald-Sun says Ch 7's "Mel and Nat" are so recognisable, "they could probably dispatch with their names altogether". #
  • @leeborkman They have certainly dispatched with accurate vocabulary. Must be the excitment. #
  • @Colvinius Hehe… Combine The Australian with Mr. Henderson and you could be "The Great Intolerant Authoritarian". #
  • Sunday Herald-Sun supports re-election of Victorian Labor Government: #

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