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  • New computer problems… anyone know why I'm unable to create Groups in TweetDeck? Can only create columns out of Lists. What have I missed? #
  • I don't believe in a big Qld.. RT @Pollytics: Interesting – Qld population projected to be larger than Victoria in 2050 #
  • Drinking in the Curve Bar with @tiffanyloft – all very cultural here… #
  • Jason Clare claims people were confused about the Super in Resource Super Profit Tax – thought it meant a tax on superannuation. #Lateline #
  • Steve Ciobo says the Liberals are representing the Australian people in their opposition to the mining tax. #Lateline #
  • So the #Lateline discussion looks like it's not going to be particularly deep tonight… #
  • Now that I'm running Microsoft Office 2010, I do quite like it… some new things to learn but very functional. Office 2002 now retired. #
  • Gillard committed GBH on the economy and is now engaged in a plea bargain… Ciobo goes for the legal metaphors. #Lateline #
  • This is how The Times paywall works: RT @mattuk via @jowadsworth @themanwhofell #
  • The distinction of extinction: – Tony Wright on the obsolescence of Australian political leadership. #
  • Gillard's Gamble: – Shaun Carney on Gillard's hunch that swinging voters share her assessment of the government. #
  • Carving a new slice of realpolitik: – @AriSharp explains the way resources will be classified & taxed under MRRT. #
  • In a look at Gillard's first week, Grattan reports that Rudd hadn't met with PM&C head Terry Moran since February: #
  • Coming in from the wilderness: – Michael Gordon profiles Bob Brown, the man Gillard reached out to this week. #
  • Peter Hartcher says Rudd's decline shows voters want reform but never retreat: #

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