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  • The Blog Prophet of Euro Zone Doom: – the story of Edward Hugh and his economics blog: #
  • Their Dangerous Swagger: – Maureen Dowd on the thuggish locker room behaviour at the Landon School. #
  • Audio of John Singleton on Kevin Rudd and the mining tax: – taken from A-PAC's telecast of The Gut Foundation event. #
  • @samanthamaiden Hmm…could an increase on the existing majority of 83-67 be accurately described as "squeaking home"? in reply to samanthamaiden #
  • The political centre fights back in the US: – Politico's assessment of the primary elections held today. #
  • @lapuntadelfin The Workers Party of that period tells you all you need to know about the erstwhile Comrade Singleton. (Apostrophe needed?) in reply to lapuntadelfin #
  • Where is Gordon Brown? – thinking of the Member for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath. And a good joke about Hadrian's Wall. #
  • Books on vinyl: – how's this for an antidote to the "alien digital gloss" of an MP3? Empasising tactility. #
  • Make that "emphasising"… #
  • @daGusface You can hear Rex here: – at end of audio and transcript. #
  • Billionaires and the barricades… "axe the tax"… "which capitalist country is turning communist?"… #Lateline #
  • And poor little Gina Rinehart fears for her country's future… #Lateline – do these people really expect anyone to take them seriously? #
  • If a twig falls in the forest … #Lateline #
  • This tax is binary? The RSPT is postmodern? #Lateline #
  • Interesting to compare Forrest's comments with today's speech on "Recent Developments" by RBA Governor Stevens: #

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