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  • @smurray38 But will SBS give George Negus leave to tag along? in reply to smurray38 #
  • An "old fogey" approach to education where children are afraid? How's Gillard going to measure that in NAPLAN? #qanda #
  • Don't any of these people realise that Palin isn't even the most preferred candidate of the Tea Party? #qanda #
  • Fraser: Even when you're losing your temper, it's your nature that determines whether you lie or not. #qanda #
  • Saul: The higher the monkey climbs, the better you see its arse. #qanda #
  • Stripped of their assets by 90%? #qanda #
  • You mean Robert Gottliebsen? RT @GrogsGamut: Yes let's ask a fiction writer about economic matters #qanda #
  • In fact, a majority of the population did not vote for the GST in 98. The electoral system delivered Howard victory, not the people. #qanda #
  • Tonight: more from the Dennis Shanahan v. Twitter ouevre (via @samanthamaiden) #
  • @Captainsuburbia Ha! Members of the press gallery today couldn't even find the ALP authorisation on @Phoney_Tony. Others didn't even look. in reply to Captainsuburbia #
  • The Robert Gates-Hillary Clinton axis: – the only important centre of gravity outside the White House, says Politico #
  • Hehe… RT @smurray38: Google News perhaps overstates Australia's response to Israel over the passports issue #
  • White House press coverage is the latest victim of news media cutbacks: – losing the flavour and context. #
  • Mark Twain sealed his autobiography until 100 years after his death. Time's up. (RT @ebertchicago via @Colvinius) #
  • The Old Enemies: – To see the whole story, watch the corporations, advises Paul Krugman. Lessons for Rudd? #

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