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  • ABC's Landline is doing a report on Wilson Tuckey and his O'Connor electorate. Interesting counterpoint to city-centric political coverage. #
  • The Labor, Nationals and Liberal candidates in O'Connor are a Bishop, a Crook and a Tuckey. #Landline #
  • Alex Mitchell says Keneally lost the Walrus but won some bouquets from the Parrot & the Greens: – Game still on? #
  • Myths about the Resource Super Profits Tax: – Wayne Swan's weekly Economic Note is becoming essential reading! #
  • The contrasting attitudes of Justices Scalia & Breyer to Twitter seem in line with their world views: (via @smurray38) #
  • – Street entertainment from Clunes Bookworld a couple of weeks ago. (Testing video app) #
  • Queen's speech revealed: David Cameron's 500 day programme to change Britain – #
  • Just picked up a copy of "Alan Reid – The Red Fox", new book by Ross Fizgerald and Stephen Holt #
  • @rod_benson I hadn't seen it until this weekend. Looks to be well-written, extensive endnotes, good index. Intro by Laurie Oakes. in reply to rod_benson #
  • @rod_benson And look what I just found under the dust jacket. Very nicely done by Uni of NSW Press. in reply to rod_benson #
  • @rod_benson I just had a quick look… which chapter/footnote? in reply to rod_benson #
  • So John Howard rocks up to a Washington brothel: – listen to amusing moments from Marr & Henderson on Insiders today. #
  • Neil Kinnock endorses Miliband junior – says Tony Blair was a method actor but there's no thespian in Ed: #
  • Very interesting piece from the Wash. Post on how the financial overhaul bill was passed: – sausage making at its best. #
  • Maureen Dowd has solved the question of truth & lies in politics: "Your lies often reveal who you wish you were." #
  • The Debt of Socrates: – Polemarchus is sorely vexed… #

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