My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Elena Kagan's Obsessive Love For Archibald Cox: – insights into a Supreme Court nominee's respect for the rule of law. #
  • Now Whitlam rages against the dying of the light: – this is how to age. (via @JudeEkerick) #
  • And there's still nine months to go: – no policy issues here but a handy scandal checklist of a dying government. #
  • RT @Drag0nista: To me, the Howes v Palmer debate will be similar to Dick Smith debating Steve Fielding – fun but ultimately meaningless. #
  • @Drag0nista You win the prize for most scathing comparison of the week. in reply to Drag0nista #
  • .@julie_posetti Apolitical is not the word to describe the likes of Kirby, Deane, et al. They are intensely political people but non-party. #
  • Child of France's Far Right Prepares to Be Its Leader: – Marine Le Pen says politics is a virus you never shake. #
  • In shoppers' online networks, privacy has no price tag: – buyers not bewaring… #
  • Andrew Cuomo has announced his candidacy for New York Gov: – apparently he works "for you" and isn't into politics… #
  • Then I suggest you just go… RT @danupoyner: Nothing happens, nobody comes. #
  • @StephenMinas Yes, and especially his magnificent 1984 Convention speech: in reply to StephenMinas #

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