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  • Hehehe… RT @rod_benson: A Probable Grandeur. #lesserbooks (please forgive me, @mfarnsworth) #
  • And speaking of EGW, soon to be 94, today is Malcolm Fraser's 80th birthday – our 21st and 22nd PMs seem determined to get the ton. #
  • I am now all Hitchensed-out: Lateline, RN Breakfast & PM. #
  • Perhaps the most significant news of the day: the world's first synthetic life form – #
  • Just watched a recording of tonight's Channel 7 news and saw another synthetic life form: a nasty little grub dressed up as a reporter. #
  • President Obama's latest financial disclosure report lists his Nobel prize as "value not readily ascertainable": (PDF) #
  • VP Joe Biden's financial disclosure report lists the gift of a first edition of James Joyce's "Anna Livia Plurabelle": #
  • The Geelong Advertiser's all blue-and-white edition doesn't seem to be doing much good right now: #
  • As Ron Ziegler would have said, that last tweet is now inoperative… #
  • RT @MERCURYEDITOR: Tomorrow's front page of #illawarramercury #
  • @empatt No, no, you're thinking of the Hobart Mercury!! in reply to empatt #
  • @empatt Local member… in reply to empatt #
  • Life wasn't meant to be easy… RT @JoeHockey: Just landed in from Perth. On Sky News at 8 am tomorrow…a never ending day. #
  • This Emerson-Morrison discussion is trite. By contrast, the Loosley-Hewson discussion on AM Agenda today was excellent. #Lateline #
  • The Story of an Angry Voter: – David Brooks says Ben needs a friend to call his own… #
  • 'Lost' or not, we're still at loose ends: – a Washington Post essay on the lost decade. And I missed it all. #

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