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  • Listen to Neil Mitchell of 3AW explain why he thinks Tony Abbott has blown the election: – when your friends turn… #
  • Today's political anniversary: Gough Whitlam was re-elected to a second term at a double dissolution on May 18th, 1974 – #
  • More good listening: an excellent LNL last night with Phillip Adams: US primary elections, Elena Kagan and Wikileaks – #
  • Interesting Sunday Profile interview with DFAT Secretary Dennis Richardson: #
  • We like our irony served well done Down Under: – Bill Collopy on Australia's political language. #
  • On the 36th anniversary of his re-election, reports that 93-y-o Gough Whitlam has moved into "an aged-care facility": #
  • @BernardKeane Hehe… I had never heard of him until I read that piece. in reply to BernardKeane #
  • A friend of mine has fallen 7 feet into his open cellar, bumping his head on the way and breaking bottles of wine. Fortunately all well. #
  • I've only heard the graphic description on the phone but I feel shocked! #
  • In the dark he thought he was bleeding but it was wine… RT @OddMaude: and how is the wine? Major casualties? ;D #
  • In addition to the Tele, The Independent has this: – describes Abbott as a "52yo former Seminarian". #
  • The New Zealand Speaker says "the House now comes to questions for oral answer"… #
  • @rod_benson Your pun notwithstanding, I will break my practice of never blocking anyone if you persist with such blasphemy! in reply to rod_benson #
  • @rod_benson Very good… in reply to rod_benson #
  • RT @TimMontgomerie: The new Commons with Tories (& the LDs) on Govt benches (DC next to Clegg, Cable next to May) #

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