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  • RT @BelindaNealMP: NSW Branch of the ALP has all gone home early. The only person in the office is the receptionist at 3 pm on a Friday. #
  • @GrogsGamut Yes – he was the first to predict Howard's 2007 defeat, including Bennelong…!! in reply to GrogsGamut #
  • @GrogsGamut Been out of contact with the world – what are 7 & 9 saying? in reply to GrogsGamut #
  • Bob Hawke on Kevin Rudd: How @LaurieOakes reported it on Channel 9 news: & Mark Riley on Channel 7: #
  • My favourite cartoon of the day from Leahy: – "We're Cameron & Clegg…diddle-iddle-iddle-um…with the extra leg…" #
  • @KJBar I won't believe a word of it until Steve Price gives his version… in reply to KJBar #
  • Coalition ahead of Labor 52-48 in latest Morgan phone poll over last 2 night: + face-to-face poll last weekend ALP 51.5 #
  • RT @sspencer_63: …Morgan poll that has Labor 48-52 has Abbott behind Turnbull & even with Hockey. Fury with ALP, but no love for Abbott. #
  • RT @sspencer_63: Richard Farmer's take on Hawke story: – says Melham has issued statement calling it all lies. #
  • Tony Abbott's interview with 3AW's Neil Mitchell – Audio: – Transcript: – most instructive. #

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