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  • @zombiemao Buswell should be promoted: the only Liberal who's worked out how to screw the Greens. in reply to zombiemao #
  • All Bets Are Off in British Campaign: – NYT's John Burns gives a good overview of the state of the UK election. #
  • Postcards show the year 2000 (circa 1900): – a couple of accurate predictions here… (via @ChasLicc) #
  • PM podcasts are up, less than 10 minutes since the program ended. Now if only @SkyNewsAgenda could do the same… #
  • RT @LaurieOakes: If you're interested in UK politics & want a laugh, check #itsnickcleggsfault.And if you don't like it #itsnickcleggsfault. #
  • I know Justin thingy is in the news at the moment but I much prefer the sound of Jack Thompson's voice: #
  • YouGov pollster Joe Twyman says British pollsters don't know how to factor in a 3-party contest: #
  • Listened to Monica Attard's Sunday Profile interview with Tory MP Jeremy Hunt, Shadow Min for Culture, Media & Sport: #
  • Am I wrong or did Garrett progressively introduce regulation into a previously largely unregulated insulation industry? #4Corners #
  • And @Colvinius wins the #MediaWatch prize! #
  • David Frum: We know when the next election will be but not who will be leading us. You know your leaders but not when the election will be. #
  • Tories plan decapitation campaign as Labour vote collapses: #
  • Funniest picture yet from the UK campaign: (via @davidschneider @DanRebellato @Colvinius) #

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