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  • @lagcamion Perhaps I'm being pedantic but people who have inside political knowledge aren't political insiders. Knowing isn't understanding. in reply to lagcamion #
  • @lagcamion Partisan I don't mind. Afterall, politics is partisan. Eg, Sky Agenda uses Hawker/Morris, Loosley/Hewson. But they don't rant. in reply to lagcamion #
  • A Mighty Pale Tea: – Charles Blow was not amused by the "political minstrel show" that is the Tea Party. #
  • Budget savings? RT @JoeHockey: Swan again talks BS before Budget & yet has cost blowouts & weak savings. Brumby belled the cat on Budget$$$. #
  • @Drag0nista Indeed… in reply to Drag0nista #
  • Sitting in a North Melbourne eatery – no sign of Christine yet… #
  • @Colvinius I thought Kettle's piece showed a marked lack of awareness of the Tasmanian situation… in reply to Colvinius #
  • Listened to Monica Attard's Sunday Profile interview with Kitty Kelley: – Kelley has written a biography of Oprah W. #
  • I have to say I find Kitty Kelley – the 'poison pen' biographer – much more interesting than the big W. #
  • Also listened to Episode 2 of The Heckler, BBC Radio 4's weekly series on the UK election: #
  • RT @PatrickKaine: Spectacular photo of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland. #fb #
  • Florida's governor was once a leading light of the GOP but now he's a pariah: – the Tea Party's mad crusade continues. #
  • New York Times Public Editor says the paper's misuse of anonymous sources is squandering its trust with readers: #

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