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  • @downesy It's the Pol Pottery I'm worried about… in reply to downesy #
  • Palin panned… NYTimes: The TV Watch: Palin's Canned 'American Stories' #
  • – The Financial Review has a table comparing net financial liabilities. #
  • Science on an altar carved for God? Technocratic absolutism? Remove God and you hurl us into chaos? Uhlmann: #
  • I'm neither a philosopher or religionist but I haven't read nonsense like that in a long while. #
  • Oakes: Coalition weak on economics – Laurie Oakes says Abbott need an economics coach, not an acting coach. #
  • @JackAubrey I don't know about the lapsed Catholic argument – seems trite – but the thinking is muddled and embarrassingly patronising. in reply to JackAubrey #
  • After this piece earlier today, Abbott's economic credentials are under serious assault: #
  • @Pollytics I'm sure The 7.30 Report will be on to it… in reply to Pollytics #
  • Trace the preference allocation in Bass through 59 counts: – Antony Green supporting Hare-Clark devotees… #
  • Jerald terHorst, a press secretary who resigned on a matter of principle: – see Ford's pardon: #
  • RT @richardlfarmer: Thought provoking piece in Der Spiegel summarising global warming debate. #
  • @jamesmassola You've got to admit it's refreshing to find such enthusiasm for foreign policy matters… in reply to jamesmassola #
  • Myth over what matters: – The notion of the ANZAC legend as the nation's ultimate test is misplaced, say Reynolds/Lake. #
  • SMH says "speculation is swirling" that Mike Rann will be Australia's next Ambassador to Italy, replacing Vanstone: #
  • Mouth that launched 1000 slips: – Lenore Taylor looks at Barnaby Joyce's quest to be taken seriously. #
  • Minds are made up about Tony Abbott, says Peter Hartcher: #
  • Who's afraid of 4500 boatpeople? – Peter van Onselen argues it's time politicians started leading public opinion. #

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